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I've liked this Die costume since I first saw Osaka Jo Hall Live where it appears. Our Novosibirsk friends have already done Kaoru and Toshiya in Raison D'etre and were going to make Shinya cosplay so my friend Camui and I decided to join them and carry out a whole band cosplay photoshoot. But before it we performed at cosplay festival Animatsuri in Saint-Petersburg with Kyo and Die defile. Making was very fast and therefore difficult. Even getting a good look at costumes was hard because of the lighting and quickness of frame changing in 'Raison D'etre' PV. So Osaka Jo Hall Live turned out to be very useful for making out Die costume. But we managed to make these cosplays, improve after the festival and carry out a nice photoshoot with our Dir en Grey cosplay bandmates.

Defile video [December 2013]: https://youtu.be/WPv7vGpOT2w


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Series Dir En Grey
Character Die
Variant Raison D'etre


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