The Last of Us



The first time I saw this game, I knew I wanted to cosplay a clicker. The design is just fantastic, plus it still gave room for a little creative liberty.

Mask- The mask is actually made of model magic. I live in a small town, and that was all I had immediate access to. But it's incredibly light and easily painted, so that was nice. It attaches to the front of the wig with velcro.

Clothes - the clothes were frankly my favorite part to do. Tried to focus most of the fraying and ripping to the seams of the shirt, since it made the most sense of where it would actually break down over time. I used scissors, razors, sand paper, various paints, dyes, and clay, to make the shirt, pants, and bra look like they had been sweated in and dragged through the mud for years.

Makeup - the makeup is a combination of latex, kryolan aquacolors, and various bruise wheels. In order to make the face, chest, and arms look like they were starting to sprout fungus, I mixed tiny bits of broken rocks, shells, and bark into the latex for some good texture. Weird, I know, but I thought it would look pretty cool. I used black tooth enamel to make my teeth look rotten and nasty, then swished around some edible fake blood for that "recently fed on yummy raw flesh" look. ;) I also made some fun fake fingernails, so my nails looked a bit rotten, broken, and blood stained. Makeup was face, chest, arms, and legs, and took about 3.5 hours. It was a blast.

Wig - This wig was goooorrrgeeeous...before I systematically destroyed it for this costume.... First, I sewed some "fungus" bits into the wefts, then painted the surrounding hair area with clay and grey paint, to make it look like the fungus had sprouted from my head. I then rubbed clay into the ends of the hair, sprayed oil into the whole thing to make it look oily, and covered it in hairspray so it all sort of stuck together a bit. Despite how nasty it is now, I still love this wig. People truly thought it was my real hair, which helped with the whole illusion. I would absolutely buy it again.


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HonkAbby So cool! I love what you did with this design!