Zarsu as vincent valentine

vincent valentine

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Genderbend version

Cosplayer: Zarsu
Doing a genderbend cosplay of Vincent Valentine has been a cosplay dream of mine for years. He's my favorite fictional character and I just love his design ;w;

I bought the corset from Ebay and the shorts at a local store. Of course I had to alter the shorts a bit so they would fit better into my design.

I made the cape myself and I just feel like a superhero when wearing it 8D I love the thorn version of his cape which made me decide on his Dirge of Cerberus design~

The armour parts were made out of worbla that I spray painted with this amazing metallic-gold color!

I'm thinking about making his Cerberus gun for a future convention :3