Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy IV: Advent Children

Budget Cost: 6$
costume leather: 2 yards (used 50% and 20% coupon)

I drafted the pattern from a motorcycle vest. The front is lined with interfacing to help support the zipper. The vest is fully lined with stretch poplin. I pressed the edges of the leather with the iron.

I drafted the khaki's from a pair of old jean shorts. The Khaki's are lined with stretch poplin. The ties are pre- tied and hand stitch to the belts.

The cape is a separate that attaches with a belt buckle on the side. I drafted the front pockets from a napkin square. The pockets are fully functional.

-I made the back portion of the cape shorter then the front, to give the lower portion a lift. I used a yard stick to draw in the lines and cut them into sections and sewed them back together.

I already owned them

A pair of altered combat boots that were painted.
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Series Final Fantasy IV: Advent Children
Character Tifa Lockhart
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