Cecil Palmer

Welcome to Night Vale

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I honestly can't say what possessed me to cosplay a technically disembodied voice, but I did. And I looked awesome.

It's really just pieces of a bunch of other cosplays put together; my Lin Xiao Li shirt, Hirato's tie and glasses, my Vincent Monroe/Aziraphale wig, Toshio Ozaki's sneakers, etc. I did the headphones myself though; they were a pair of old S.H.I.E.L.D headphones that didn't work anymore; so I painted them purple and put stickers on them.

The tentacles though...the tentacles are my crowning achievement and how they're made is a trade secret ;)

Ok no if you're curious about the tentacles just ask, it's just a little ridiculous so I'm not gonna take the time to write it all out.


@Quinn the Shiki
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