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I love Kaoru. But what's not to love? He's clever, considerate, passionate, stunningly talented...but perhaps most importantly, he loves to stick dead or mutated creatures all over himself.
But consistently.

The headpiece alone is what got me to choose this costume of his over all his others. And FILTH is a great song (well...musically, anyway...)

Reactions: It glows in the dark. It's tubey and metallic. It's apparently filled with innuendos. It's just plain weird, and lots of people have told me so, wondering what exactly was up. I consider this one to be a major success in the by-stander reaction department - recognized by many people, and confusing most everybody else. ^_-

Con Quotes:
- "Those who know him, loved it; those who didn't know him, also loved it."
- "I can derelique my own balls, thank you very much."

Construction Footnotes: I need to do another massive, gloppy, organic costume - I seriously got too much enjoyment out of making the headpiece. And in case you were wondering on the composition of it: random plastic chunks, Celluclay, electrical wire, acrylic tubing, netting, heat shrink, various tapes, foam, multiple paints + glow-in-the-dark spray...all built in a miscellaneous order on a base of a toy army helmet covered by garbage bags and glazed with hot glue tinsel and those black nets wigs come in. Um, and there's a lot of other junk on the shoulder part....including chicken-wire, defraction grating, window sealant, pheasant feathers, a Millennium Falcon model and even a Playstation hook-up.
To those who really know their Kaoru (the whole 3 or so of ya), they would appreciate even the ghetto-capsule-toy bracelets ("Off Da' Hook" !) ...but then again, they might realize that I was wearing the snakeskin Macabre-style boots, since I still haven't found the perfect FILTH shoes. Oh well, Kaoru mixes his costumes up a lot. X_x

Transportation: Moderate.
Somewhat delicate, though any damage &/or repair seems to only add to its charm. ^_- Difficulty of packing is mostly a matter of available space.

- Stabilty is high.
- Mobility is high.
- Vision is surprisingly adequate.
- Weight is surprisingly light.
- Temperature is absolute average. Never been too hot or cold in this.

Danger Rating: D.
This costume poses little threat to my well-being, and is probably my most comfortable overall. The worst it can entice is simply requiring me to explain who Kao is, over and over again.


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