Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon



Version 1:
My mom made this one for me the day of halloween... talk about procrastinating! She used a white body suit and altered a pleated skirt that she got from a cheerleading catalogue and made the dickey. My wig got tangled up ;_; I was also way too shy to wear this to school even though we were supposed to be costumed.

Version 2: I completely re-made and re-bought everything.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mars


Miyako_Moriko Hi there!:wave: I was being snoopy and saw you beautiful Sailor Mars cosplay. I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell it at all?? Me and my friend are in a time crunch to find a reasonably priced sailor venus and mars :bigcry: I could pay you around $30 plus shipping. Maybe more but im currently unemployed and moneys tight. Pretty Please and Thank You (for even reading this lol) -Miya:burger:

HUNK--USFAU Wow you look Damn Sexy! lol sorry I am a random person who found your profile!