Duskull / Yomawaru Gijinka

Pokemon (Gijinka)

Duskull are spooky and cute! I decided to dress-up as one for Halloween.

Edit (07/15/2014): Becuo.com has my Duskull costume featured on their website ^_^.

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Created 6 years ago
Series Pokemon (Gijinka)
Character Duskull / Yomawaru Gijinka

AshRudel Still amazing how simple yet great this one is.

WondererBailey Aww, that's really cute! You did a good job on this one too <3

Thowra wow this picture is amazing! Everything is just perfect! :D

FieryFari I love it,this is so clever :D

Maurishio-kun Spooky! Nothing better to pose for this cute costume than some pumpkins :D

Slapthefatcat Wow, you really do look like a duskull! Not something I would imagine to be the easiest thing to figure out how to pull off!

Mohrigan all of your cosplays sooo gooddd but this one made me go awwwww so cute had to share it w friends XD!! luv ur work!

MitsukaiEievui So adorable that the spooky-ness has been seconded >w<

httpkoopa I will say you achieved spooky and cute quite well! :)

momoiru1994 amazing costume!

KitoCosplay Nice!