Alistair Theirin

Dragon Age: Origins



Shale (on the subject of birds): "I approve of the ritual slaying of the feathered fiends, eats one? DISGUSTING!!!"
Alistair: Oh, they're really quite tasty, you just have to rip off the feathers first. I like the skin myself."
Shale: I think I'm going to be sick..."
Alistair: "OOOHHH! Golem vomit!!! This I HAVE to see!!!"

Yeah, I can't help it, Alistair is my favourite character from Bioware's Dragon Age series. I find his sense of humour, general naivety and social awkwardness just endearing. He makes a brilliant love interest for female characters and a great friend to male PC's.

It was difficult to pin down an exact look for Alistair, as DA allows you to put almost any suit of armor on any character. When having a look at various screen-caps and fan art a single look kept springing up, that of Alistair in his splint-mail as he appears when you first meet him in-game. This was the look I decided on for my first cosplay; partly because I thought I had half a chance of getting it done, and partly because I didn't like the idea of trying to build a full set of plate armor from craft foam!!!


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Character Alistair Theirin


Vastrosity Great Alistair, the shield is especially fantastic.