Morpheus the Sandman




Photographer Adam L Photography
I think since they look like a creepy goth guy from the 80s,or robert smith of "The Cure" only creepier. i think i have sandman down perfect.[also known as dream ,Morpheus and many other names] i need to style the front of the wig to stay out of at least 1 of my eyes at all times though. anyhow here ya go first full costume and make up shoot,i have to layer and slightly replicate his style rather than an exact copy because i kinda have things to hide even with compression shirt on.i love the way these came out and cant thank my husband enough.

the contacts i used are black circle lenses with a starburst in the center.[i would layer them over white,but i am still waiting.UK site don't let me down twice or else i need a good online halloween lens store and will tell you the name of the usually good one that ripped me off.]

as for the wrinkles i had it crumpled intentionally for this look,i just don't see him as one to iron a coat or cloak so muck as toss it on the chair he sits in and not think twice,it helped give it that extra level of strange and kinda matches his rats nest of a hair style

make up:me
wig styling: me
costume:Modifications by me
jewelry: me


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Series Sandman
Character Morpheus the Sandman
Variant Trench coat


iheartexploding thank you to you all :) i appreciate the compliments

Kagallie Brilliantly done! I love Dream so much and you portray him magnificently!

Centaure Iam a big fan of Dream...and this is gorgeous!