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This costume took me over a year to make. I worked on and off between work and school, which is one of the reasons it took so long. The second reason is because a lot of this costume was trial and error; making and remaking (and losing pieces and having to make them again ugh). Listening to Rooster Teeth podcasts while working on this cosplay was the only thing keeping me sane.

COWL: A lot of trial and error. I had some leftover fleece, so I made a prototype cowl out of it before I made it with the expensive fabric I bought. Fun fact: I originally lost the first cowl I made and had to make a whole other one. I still don't know where that cowl is today.

UNDER TOP: I bought a bikini top from Wal-Mart for about $3. I bought some cord and sewed it on the string for the little dangly bits.

NECKLACES: I know the necklaces aren't very accurate, but since these were the last parts of the costume I worked on, I decided that accuracy was something I couldn't have, unfortunately. The first necklace was made from brown, stick-looking beads I found on sale at Michaels. I strung them onto a clear cord. The gold and blue medallion was one my mother actually found at Art Knapps. For the pearl necklace, the pearls were purchased at Michaels and strung onto a clear cord. Instead of hanging it around my neck, I tied each end to the bikini top.

SLEEVE: I went to Value Village and bought a cheap long-sleeved shirt, cut of a sleeve, sewed the sleeve tighter, and taped it to my arm with double-sided fabric tape.

SHOULDER ARMOUR PIECE: I was really confused as to how I was going to make this at first. But then while searching at Dressew, I found a hat form and thought it looked similar to the armour piece, so I bought it for really cheap. I painted it with black and gold acrylic paint (I definitely should have used fabric paint), glued on a few feathers, and sewed an elastic around the bottom to keep it on my arm (it wouldn't stay up very well; I ended up taping it to my shoulder).

BRACELETS: Bought from Michaels.

GLOVE: I originally tried to make my own glove, but after seven hours of failure, I ended up buying a pair of gloves from a party store and cutting it down to the appropriate size.

LEATHER CUFF: This was super last minute. I used some left-over fake leather from the skirt. It turned out really bad. I had velcro on it to keep it together, but it fell apart at the con.

SKIRT: This was the hardest part of the whole cosplay. I did not have a pattern. I started with an old blue skirt (it was literally made from towel material). I cut off the bottom of the skirt and kept the elastic top. At first, since her skirt is made from a bunch of random pieces sewn together, I cut out pieces that (I thought) were measured correctly, and sewed them together. This did not work. The skirt did not fit at all and looked terrible. So I started again. I stitch-picked the leather from the elastic and started again. I wrapped the skirts full amount of fake leather around the skirt elastic (if that makes sense), then sewed it on. This was a VERY BAD IDEA, though better than my previous attempt. It was so difficult to actually get the skirt ON. I ripped it many times. To make the skirt look like it was a bunch of pieces sewn together, I sewed lines of black thread where the random pieces would have met. After that, I took the gold-ish coloured thread, and hand sewed x's over the black lines to make it look like the skirt had been hand-sewn together. I cut out the weird hip piece and sewed that on top.

BELTS HANGING FROM SKIRT: I cut about 50+ different belt shaped pieces of fake leather and sewed them to the bottom of the skirt. I bought a shit-ton of eyelets, locked myself in the garage, and hammered them through the fake-leather for a few days. There are over 300 eyelets. Once that was done, I realized that the back of the leather was white and really noticeable. So I coloured the back of each belt with a black sharpie.

The whole skirt with the belts was BY FAR the longest and most difficult part of this cosplay.

STAFF: I found a stick in the woods, wrapped some leather strips around parts of it, and glued some feathers to it. Definitely didn't do it in the hotel room the night before xD

So there you go! I apologize for the really long description, but hopefully it will help some people out who might be trying to do this cosplay, as well.

I definitely want to fix up this cosplay and wear it again. On the day of the convention, a lot of it fell apart and had to be taped to my body. I want to make it more durable and maybe enter a competition with it! As difficult and inaccurate as it was, I'm really proud of this cosplay :)


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