Officer Jenny




ok...i have to admit i don't even remember making this costume DX that's how much of a blur it was. so i will try to remember as much as i can.

hat: i cut up a cheap baseball cap, turned it into a visor, then attached the blue part on. the crest is made of foam. i didn't realize how short the height of hats are in actuality.

the wig is my sad attempt at curling a wig. i like how the front curls turned out but not so pleased with the back. will have to work on that before wearing again. wig is from wigstore.

uniform is made up of two parts: the top and skirt. all blue material was left over from lilaznfreak's Umi cosplay which is a stretch sateen and the other was her custom dyed fabric. it is really nice fabric. light and breathes well. red fabric was also scraps XD it was pretty easy to add the triangle part as well

so all in all this costume cost maybe less than $5...minus the wig.
time: 1-2 days


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Series Pokémon
Character Officer Jenny


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