My very first cosplay that I wore to my second convention! This is Misty from Pokemon: Indigo League.
I wanted my first cosplay to be easy and manageable, and this was loads of fun to do.

Details about the costume:
The shirt was reconstructed from a unisex t-shirt. The sleeves and a part of the shoulders were cut off, and about 10 inches were cut off from the bottom of the shirt. The sides were sewn tighter so that it was still loose around the torso but not awkwardly loose.
The shoes were plain white sneakers and Misty's shoe design was painted on with fabric paint.
The hair is my actual hair that was bleached and then dyed with two different hair dyes (orange/yellow and copper/red colors).
I wore Aqua colored circle lenses (the actual pair that I wanted were out of stock :[ )
In the photo I was wearing full false lashes but the following day I cut them into demi-lashes. The demi-lashes were much better and looked more like Misty's lashes.


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aznwolverine This misty is incredible.