Estellise (Estelle) Sidos Heurassein

Tales of Vesperia

I'm a big fan of the Tales series. I would own them all if i had money to spend. ^^;; A lovely friend asked me if i could join in to complete a Tales group and i immediatly agreed.

Worn on:
Japan Expo Paris 2012 (France) - Friday
Animagic 2012 (Germany) - Sunday

========= CREATION =========

The dress consists of 2 parts, a pink dress and a white jacket over it. To poof up the butt area i made a petticoat which could be attached under the pink part. I think i should have made it a bit poofier, but friends kept telling me the petticoat was poofy enough. I have ignored their wise advice in the past and burned my fingers on it. So this time i listened. ^^ The pink dress and white coat are kept seperate since it's easier to put on and off. Both piece are attached to eachother with velcro, so they don't shift and turn when i walk around.

I went for Estelle's classic ref image weapons, since it made the most since. I know she has a whole inventory on weapons, but since i was doing her standard attire, i figured to go with the weapons that matched it. I've been thinking of doing a Royal Heart outfit of Estelle and if i do, i'll definetly make a sword in stead of a scepter.
The scepter has shrunk in size quite a lot since i made it. At first i was thinking of making it fully out of foam and paper mache, but soon enough i realized i wouldn't be able to get the curves right and detail is everything to me. ^^ So i made the golden part of the scepter out of a wooden stick and foam and later on attached the details made in clay. I'm not fully satisfied yet because the tip has broken of 3 times (since someone always kept moving it when the glue was still drying). In the end the details are a bit crooked because i couldn't find the exact position where top details would fit perfectly on the golden base.
The shield is made out of craftfoam, yogamat and a wonderflex base to keep it together. I kind of forgot to make 2 holes in the shield, but at the time i realised this, i was sure to mess up the whole shield if i made those 2 extra holes. So one shield without holes coming right up.

Have fun ~~
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Series Tales of Vesperia
Character Estellise (Estelle) Sidos Heurassein

POOTERS nice job!

Narnian Gorgeous! You did an amazing job!