Suit was purchased on eBay and modified (added interfacing to collar & ring to zipper). Gloves and hood made from scratch with matching 4-way stretch Lycra. Glove pattern was made from scratch (pardon the pun), and the hood was modified from a pattern for a penguin costume! The claws on the gloves are fake nails cut to shape, painted, and super-glued to the glove. Goggles were also purchased on eBay, and the pointed "wings" were added with Apoxie Sculpt and painted.

This is such a fun costume to wear! Surprisingly comfy too (which on a hot summer day is purrrrrrrfect).


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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Batman
Character Catwoman
Variant Darwyn Cooke/"Hush"


coslyn9 mmmm, what a beautiful woman!