Rui Hanazawa

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)



I.... really love Rui. Rui had been sitting in my 'to finish' cosplay pile for like, everrrrrrr. Even though I didn't particularly have a canon pairing for him, I loved his personality and character. I was also very happy and somewhat impressed with the fact that Kamio Yoko choose to include the fact that he had Asperger's into his character. Because I have a brother with Autism, I really appreciate any efforts author's make to include those with Autism or Aspergers into their stories, as I don't feel like it's a common attribute to include into a character.

For Rui, I made his shirt, which included dying white fabric an off blue color (so painful -_-;;; it refused to dye evenly for what felt like ages) and used pants that I had had from a previous cosplay. I used my own hair for this cos, since I have a hair color and cut similar to Shun Oguri's (who played Rui in the J-Drama). The Violin was a product of much effort on my step-dad, who got it for me on loan for free -hugs him for it-. Thank you!!! To top it off, I made the infamous F4 Red Card and carry that around with me whenever I cosplay as him. (Oh the fun of that calling card, lol) d^_^b

I premiered Rui at Otakon 2012, which must have been the lightest cos of the entire con. I did my own hair and make up for him as well. I did a private shoot for him about a week or two later with my friend Tsukasa325. Hopefully I'll get more shots of it up soon; for now I have a shot of Rui up on my DeviantArt, which you can find on my account homepage. Hope you like it! :)


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Series Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)
Character Rui Hanazawa
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