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Major nostalgia bomb here. The anime and I go way back and Fusanoshin was always the coolest next to Kogenta who's a bit out 'a my range of expertise at this time. I will be having to learn a few new techniques wit this cosplay but as we know cosplay's all about learning new things now isn't it? Anyway can't wait to debut this saturday at animeNEXT 2014 :D

Sword - Ok so the sword was pretty straight forward here. I used mostly craft foam boards and carved the shape out from a craft foam board and pretty much sculpted it the rest of the way. I carved into where the lines were that I put there. Those were meant to add depth although it didn't really come out like I wanted it to. Because I'd cut on both sides symmetrically i ran the risk of pieces of it falling apart so I ended up having to go over the entire thing wit clear tape to solidify it.

I used spray paint to get it blue, and regular acrylic paint on the detailing areas. Then I glazed it to finish and "protect" it. The yin-yang piece was also made of a thinner piece of craft foam board which was drawn and then sculpted out in the same manner. Those were also painted and glazed and then glued to the sword wit hot glue to finish.

The gem base was made from left over craft foam and then I filled it wit expandable foam spray and just carved out a diamond shape and then finished that wit left over polycarbonate sheets I had from my Takuto cosplay. I spray painted that yellow and then glazed for a finish and glued that to the sword wit hot glue.

I actually used special colored duct tape(denim looking or whatever) to go over the handle. I couldn't get an accurate paint in that color and because the handle was already attached it would have been a bit difficult to go over that wit the paint and the varnish and how ever it would hold up in the summer. For that reason I used the denim looking duct tape for that finish. The end of it was also sprayed wit the spray paint and glazed before I went over it wit the duct tape.

feet(claws) - Sooo the ol foot claws or what have you. This is actually the first time I ever did these kinda shoe covers. But anyway I took from a tutorial I found online for how to make foot paws and just attempted to sculpt them more into "eagles claws". I used a rubber see through sandal like shoe as a base and used upholstery foam to sculpt the "toes".

I covered it with a light buttery yellow fleece fabric. I merely just glued it on with the hot glue gun and ended up having to cover it twice. After covering both pieces twice I then made "nails" out of some left over polycarbonate sheets I had from my star swords for Takuto. I also had some blue bias tape that I came around the inside and that kinda helped bring the toes inward a little more. Somehow it looked like that in one 'a the pictures and I wanted to go for as much accuracy as possible.

Anyway these things are super annoying to walk in btw x-x I hope I make it ALL day saturday <,< &gt;,&gt;

top - The top has several different fabrics on it I believe o_o buut anyway I started with a base of white twill which was also used to make the sleeves. The bottom of the top was from a blue fabric that I made into a bias tape to go around the bottom. I used a light cotton for the navy blue vest like thing and when I cut it at the top I again used the same fabric to make a bias tape like strip around to keep from fraying. I poked holes through the spots I needed to and brought ribbon through and knotted them as needed. I used the white at the bottom edges and at the strip in the middle and sewed the both sides together as I put the vest on the top.

The yin-yang was made from craft foam board that I went over with left over thinner polycarbonate sheets from last year. I used the same paint I used for the yin-yang on the sword, mixed gray and blue for the grayish blue, and finished with varnish. I used hot glue to put the yin-yang in place on the top.

The sleeves were most difficult only because I had to sew the wings on and because I had to have the vest thing on before I could put them on but anyway, twil, gray corduroy and the same blue I used at the bottom for the bias tape. And of course the orange fleece like fabric that contains the wings. I ended up having to hand sew both pieces on for the wings. These were the hardest pair of sleeves I ever had to do o_o

Belt - Just a deep navy blue fabric sewed together with a simple belt buckle and eyelet.

bottoms - Easy, just threw together some yellow fabric to make pants then sewed orange on the inside from the knee down I'd say. The straps will probably come either at my knees or right underneath. I chose to use an elastic waist band this time around. My least favorite way of finalizing a pair of pants but in this case proves to be the most effective.

Straps(shackles?) - Same deep navy blue fabric used for the belt. I wanted to leave a significant amount of space between my legs that way I'd be able to walk normally considering the foot claws will hinder me in that area slightly(bigger steps need more space :O). I finished them with snaps and they go right below the knees.

scarf(thing) - Just some orange fabric that I actually cut by accident trying to prepare for the sleeves. Since its not a super long scarf or anything like a regular scarf I just had the snaps in the back to close it.

helmet(head) - The helmet took me roughly 2 weeks to complete but was a combination of paper mache, and craft foam. This is actually my first time working with foamies craft foam but it came out really well and I plan to do future props and things this way :D Anyway I molded the foam into a dome shape like a head by cutting and gluing. Then after I had the initial shape I cut the shape around for my base. The feather pieces were also made with paper mache and craft foam and then the detailing on the helmet such as the eyes were done by regular acrylic paint. Of course I didn't forget to varnish which is why everything looks so shiny and awsome :D I wanted the eyebrow pieces to be a little more flexible so they were easy to glue so instead of paper mach for those pieces I just used 3 layers of gesso before I painted and varnished. Thinking about it as a whole I probably should have done that for the feather pieces because its really hard to move my head in this and thats aside the fact that it covers my eyes and I can't see xD Oh well it was a successful project and I used hot glue for the eyebrows on to the base and for the feather pieces I used liquid nails adhesive.

anklets - Just as I figured. I ended up having to use a children's toy to conjure up the anklets because foam just wasn't cutting it for me. Oh well though so I found these tubular sound things that make sound when you spin them around or whatever and they're like toys or something so I figured "ok lets try this". I simply just cut them down to size went around them with clear tape, then finished them with duct tape. They just slide right up my foot on to my ankle and they fit perfectly. I original intended on doing fabric like I did for the arm pieces like I did for my Emeraude gloves but then that made it too tight so I just stuck to duct tape.

gloves(2 of them o_o) - I used fleece for both the regular glove and the fingerless glove and I cut out craft foam for the 2 pieces that go on each glove or whatever. I finished those pieces off with polycarbonate sheets left over from last year as well as the nails which were also cut from polycarbonate sheets and painted gray. They fit perfectly :D

wings - For the wings I cut out 10 different size pieces and 20 same size pieces from polycarbonate sheets. I then covered them wit fabric although unfortunately the blue part at the bottom is upside down and somehow or another it took me all the way to where I was getting ready to put the polycarbonate sheets inside the fabric to learn that x-x waaay too deep. But anyway simple enough. Then i sewed them all together between a piece of orange fleece material that I proceeded to hand sew onto the sleeves of the top. They're right where I need them to be.

tail feather - Just another cut out piece of polycarbonate sheet that I used the same fabric as the sleeve wings to finish. It snaps on to the back of the pants with 3 metal snaps.


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