Princess Luna

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



This was the quickest cosplay that I've ever done in 48 hours prior to attending Anime Mid-Atlantic! I wasn't originally intending to do this cosplay, but I wanted something new and was up to a bit of a challenge!

The wings were the easiest and the most fun part of this costume! Inspired from famous cosplayer Yaya Han's wing examples, I recreated my own wings using midnight blue foam, silver craft glue, rhinestones, elastic, recycled clothes hanger and black electric tape. The time it took from cutting out the design, putting it all together and decorating was 6 hours, and you can bet that I put a lot of effort into it.

The dress was made in one day from an easy pattern from Simplicity. I chose the fabric to be the colors of blue, purple and black with shimmers to represent the starry night sky. I decided on not having a wig since the dress represented Luna with her evening colors, so I added my moon earrings (which I had for a long time) and rhinestones. To give my gown a formal look, I walked around in my lovely black heels all day long!

I will be improving my cosplay for Otakon this year! Stay tuned!!


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Character Princess Luna


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