Umi Ryuuzaki (Greek Muse artbook version)

Magic Knights Rayearth (Clamp)



MKR is one of the older series I used to watch. This version was chosen as it is more rare and it has a lot of jewellery details. I needed something small, quick and easy for japan expo. Eventually it took almost 2 full days.
It got a personal touch to make this version more unique.

Dress: white approx 5m and the inlay was done with white duchness satin. All left overs from Giselle
Scarf: 1,5m blue satin from left over from Saber. Width: 20cm and tassels were made to make it look like a real scarf.
Jewels: left over lamé from aladdin combined with rhinestones, pearls, trims
Center piece: plastic with fun foam combined with rhinestones, pearl trim, metal charms and blue plastic pearls. Most of them custom painted.
Flower cirle: ordered bigger foam baby blue roses and dyed smaller white roses into blue ones
Flower crown: bought different flowers, painted some centers into black
Wig: once bought with 3 other wigs...

Total time: about 2 full days
Costs: 80 Euro


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Series Magic Knights Rayearth (Clamp)
Character Umi Ryuuzaki (Greek Muse artbook version)


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