arijahn as Sakura


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle


Cosplayer: arijahn
[costume is currently available for sale]

When I first started cosplaying, my sister challenged me to make as many bat-themed cosplays as possible because of my username ("koumori" means "bat" in Japanese). I fell in love with Sakura's pumpkin-like dress in the Tsubasa manga splash art and knew I needed to make it. My favorite detail is all the hand-beading on the bats and stars. I got to experiment with a lot of techniques, each piece is unique!


-The base dress was made by altering a Simplicity corset pattern and adding the skirt poofs and neckpiece. The orange fabric was casa satin from Joann's and the corset was lined in Halloween kitty printed cotton. The corset was boned with zipties and the poofs were stuffed with gathered orange netting to give them shape. The bats and stars were made of interfaced satin with handbeaded designs. The wings on the back of the dress were wired to keep their shape.

-Bloomers made of orange casa satin with an elastic waistband and were patterned by me.

-The headdress is made of black satin and slides onto a thin metal headband with handbeaded details.

-Wig is from Purple Plum and was cut and styled by me

-Gloves, shoes, and socks were purchased

-Katsucon 2014 Judges Award