Clair/ Ibuki

Pokemon Heartgold SoulSilver



Clair is an interesting character (proud, irascible, pretty and Dragon tamer !)

It was for me an occasion to make my first skin suit (with Zero suit Samus as the same time)

I made all the costume :
- styled the wig (with a big long ponytail at the back)
- made pattern for the suit and cape from scratch
- earrings (golden fangs) made with modeling clay and Dragonair sphere with a plastic ball and paint

the pokeball is not made by me ^^

the dragonair plushie I've made it was for this cosplay too.


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Series Pokemon Heartgold SoulSilver
Character Clair/ Ibuki


arceus4445 im very happy that clair is rising in popularity for pokemon cosplay, she is a very underated character. and she is one of my favorite pokemon characters. ^_^ keep up the great work.