Ringo Noyamano

Air Gear



I love skating! *-* <3 from small do so as it does sakura *o* xD :)

I love Air Gear and I felt very identified with Ringo :) I adore is very tender and humble!

This cosplay I did in 2012 for the Convención Avalancha Caracas Venezuela.
The whole costume was made by me, too wig and Air treck

I am very happy with this cosplay and photoshot. :DI hope you like it !! <3

The Air trecks were made in two parts, first shoes I lined it with the same design Ringo's air trecks, then with the help of my father did iron bases for the wheels, then they opened holes in the sole of the shoe to secure the base of the wheels after the wheels made from wood and is fixed to the iron core. They were a little difficult to do, but apparently are equal. Although I could not really walk with them, hehe was losing balance


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Series Air Gear
Character Ringo Noyamano


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