Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn



This is my second gundam suit,hope u enjoy it :)


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Character Sinanju


Blue Leader Wow, this is really impressive. Nicely done!

Cyclone X flawless costume, perfect proportions, this is utterly amazing *_* is it just pure papercraft, or did you strengthen it with glasfiber and resin? either way, it's superbly done!

GundamExige Hey, I love your costume. It's the best Gundam costume I've ever seen! I'm working on one myself (check my profile). But I've run into some trouble. I just want to know how you made yourself taller. I need to add at least 20 inches to my height and 12 inches to my hands. Please reply ASAP. Please and thank you.

inu.matto I once tried to make a papercraft of this Gundam, wasn't able to properly complete a single leg, and you made lifesize replica of it. I'm really impressed. Great work!

Giedrius this is amazing, what materials did you use?

Dr. Suess This is outstanding. What did you make it out of?