Final Fantasy X

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So sorry about the crappy web cam pics. I was trying on the costume and all's I have right now is a web cam. Planning on buying a new camera soon. But preliminary pics. Still need to style wig and also need to get the obi resized, but the costume is very nice. ^_^ I'm excited, Yuna's my favorite Final Fantasy character and I've wanted to cosplay her since I palyed FFX when it first came out a long time ago.

Update: I plan on finishing this but I don't have time to finish it before Natsucon so I'm going to work on it afterwards. Like I said I need to get contacts, make her staff and also make her earring and get a new obi and she'll be done. Which I'm going to do a little at a time so I don't spend too much money at once on this cosplay since I have other's to finish.


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Kawaii Pocky Thank you. I need to get this costume back. I'd actually like to wear her to a con! >.<

Chaos55 looks good so far. blah this reminds me i need to make my Tidus look better, somehow XD