Serah Farron

Final Fantasy XIII



Alright, So I've made and remade this outfit several times now. ( I believe 4 times)

And I'm doing it again. a lot of the bottom of the dress got ripped up at AX '12 and I just really want to remake the top... so why not start over?
I'm using the same pink color fabric (unfortunantly) but instead of using bias tape for the trim I'm going to be using viynl. I also obtained a zipper that separates, what is this sorcery?
Anyways, felt it needed to but updated.

UPDATE 5/29/13
ok so apparently a cosplay isn't allowed to have more then 50 pictures... So I had to clear some out of here, and I made an entirely new costume for my latest Serah pictures so this one will no longer be updated, and updates will go to that one which varient is "v.5" So yeah ^^


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Last Updated 7 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Serah Farron
Variant Standard Outfit


Narnian Nicely done! You did a great job and make a great Serah!

KiraCosplayHai You are such an beautiful Serah! You've made me wan to do the cosplay myself ^^

Melanieb123 This is so legit!