Bara.Rose as Kohaku



Cosplayer: Bara.Rose
I am really happy with the result of my cosplay! with the details and the photo shoot! I enjoyed doing it since I love Inuyasha and Kohaku is a very tender *v* I love him! My cousin and I were planning to cosplay group from 2010 and from that moment began. The best part was that my cousin fulfilled his dream to make Sango cosplay xD (she loves that character).

The scythe was very complex because it was the first time I used polyurethane and had only seen videos of how it worked, at first everything was going well until I ran out of foam and had a small problem with the handle of the scythe, there was a crack, which then covered it with sales.
Then I started making masks and armor, was a work very difficult, it was harder to sand all the surfaces stay smooth and perfect.

The wigs we did my cousin and I few days before the event, this was our first time doing a ponytail wig, I was so afraid! although it was a bit rushed, everything went as planned. I also made last minute acceorios xD I realized that they had katanas, and also i made the super boomerang.

All this work was very exciting :) and best of all was the result. I really loved it! Sango and Kohaku~~