Megpoid Gumi




I was so addicted to "Matryoshka" as soon as I heard the song, and I thought Gumi's design was so crazy and funky! And kinda creepy too :S
This cosplay was very easy to make!!

-The hoodie was a boy's hoodie I found at K-Mart. The "face" was just felt glued on! :)

-Skirt and socks were already owned.

-Boots from eBay

-Wig bought from ebay :) Code: 120708491244 (Type that into the search bar in ebay and it will come up!! ^_^)

-Gloves I have yet to find!


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 8 years ago
Series Vocaloid
Character Megpoid Gumi
Variant Matryoshka


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