Yu-Gi-Oh! GX



-Wig: The wig was two Jareth wigs from Arda (one in silver, one in Grape) that were frankensteined together. The eye was made out of sculpty.

-Wings: The wings have a craft foam base with "bones" made out of heavy gauge wire and expanding foam. The inside fabric is a polyester/rayon liner and the outside is a stretch pleather. The wings are attached to a harness that is made out of 4 layers of canvas, 3 layers of peltex, 1 layer of vinyl, and 8 custom-cut steel bones.

-Body suit: The bodysuit, gloves, and boots are all made out of stretch pleather (black for the main pieces and burgundy for the dragon arm/leg), a custom-dyed rayon knit, and upholstery vinyl. The claws on the dragon gloves and shoe are made out of sculpty.


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Series Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Character Yubel


gypsy_girl Very impressive work. I think the wig is my favourite part of this costume.