Lin Xue Ya (SetsuA)

Thunderbolt Fantasy



This costume has SO MUCH detail, but I love it all. Construction time was approximately 220 hours.
I designed the digital file for the sleeve and "skirt" fabric based on the show and had them custom printed by
Wig is a Delilah from Arda Wigs, with an added long clip for extra volume. The wig and clip take 4-6 hours to detangle and restyle each time the costume is worn.
The "wings" and main jacket fabric is the same, with an added 14 hours of serged detail added for the jacket to make extra thick line detail to match reference.

Awards won:
Best Master Craftsmanship - AnimeFest 2017
Best of Show (Craftsmanship) - SakuraCon 2018

Techniques/processes used on this costume:
Serging - A LOT!
Resin Casting
Dyeing synthetic
Scultping with JBWaterWeld
Custom fabric printing
EVA foam crafting
Wig styling (high ponytail)
Custom patterning
Sewing - hand and machine
Acrylic & Spray Painting
Jewelry making


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Series Thunderbolt Fantasy
Character Lin Xue Ya (SetsuA)


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