Voltron Legendary Defender



It's Allura how could I not?

I started with the skirt as that would be the easiest piece to get done. I debated using a mermaid type pattern but determined an A-line would look better on me. So I used a 6 panel dress pattern and just replaced the bodice with a waist band. I already had both white and pink in my fabric stash. The white was from a friend’s wedding tablecloths she gave me. The pink was crepe backed satin from Ohco’s, that fabric sale I go on about.
Up next was corset which was an edit of an unlined ballerina corset. I altered the fit, bottom hem, and lined it. But that gold trim though. It gave me so much trouble. I tried three different methods of applying the gold before I found the trim I used. It was a bit of a nightmare.

The top I was seriously inspired on as I knew exactly what I had in mind for that. I got a tight fitting crew neck shirt from the local used clothing store and lopped off the arms. Then I used that arm as a pattern for the blue sleeves and then used a puff sleeve pattern out of matching fabric I bought. It fits so comfortably.

The cape was a patterning challenge. It’s overlayed, bonded, and satin stiched to within an inch of its life. It was the last thing I made as I ran out of time and I’d like to make it again if I can. But still, not too shabby.

Wig is two wigs from amazon I sewed together and styled. The bangs did sit higher but my husband accidentally crushed them in transport. I’ll be washing and restyling them before I wear it again. Tiara is foam I cut and painted. It attaches with elastic around my head. Ears are from Amazon and took four coats of make up to match.


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Series Voltron Legendary Defender
Character Allura
Variant Princess dress


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