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When I first saw Wicke in one of the Sun and Moon reveal videos I immediately thought I was going to cosplay her. Sadly her character ended up being pretty teriary in the games but due to her looks and some enthusiasm from my boyfriend I decided to go ahead with her anyway. I'd been looking to do something involving more sewing and less fantasy and she was a good fit.


Wig-I was lucky enough to pick a character Arda literally has a video tutorial for, so I just bought their Nikki in Plum and followed along. It's my first real wig build since Amethyst was kind of half-assed and while it doesn't look as perfectly smooth as theirs I'm actually quite happy with it. I felt confident enough to make some tweaks to their "pattern" to make it more accurate to the concept art (which may not have been out when they made their video?).

Sweater-after searching countless sites online I ended up finding a decent turtleneck sweater at a thrift store to use. A little disappointed I couldn't find one with as wide of cords as her art but after looking for so long and asking around it seems like that would have been pretty unreasonable to expect to find.
I sewed some gold vinyl leftover from the skirt to the cuffs and also stuffed the neck to make it more cartoonish and upright. I still like the look but I didn't realize this meant I'd have a sweater pushed up against my neck all day as opposed to being a bit more free so it got really warm with it on. Didn't help I was also wearing a pink tank top underneath it in case I wanted to take it off and to help cover any holes in the knit.

Skirt-the skirt I definitely spent the most time agonizing over trying to get it "perfect." I used a Mimi G Style pattern for a high-waisted skirt and modified it from there to be a super-high-waist and added her waist band. I used a ponte knit as I wanted something with stretch but also some weight to it.
It took a lot of fitting and re-fitting to get the shape right and even now I could probably still take it in in a few places to get it tighter (especially around my knees where it flares a bit) but I'm pretty happy with it for my first "real" garment. It even has a skirt hook in the back which makes it feel more official.
The whole thing was machine sewn but the side decorative stitches were done by hand. The gold "handles" were made using a utility vinyl I found on sale and machine sewn, then handsewn on and ironed down. I like them but I wish they weren't quite some wrinkly, really not sure how I could've gotten rid of it any more than I did though.

Cape-the cape I modified a general pattern for I found online, and made a few test ones using some of my giant pile of leftover fleece. I originally thought about adding some batting to it for extra body but with how thick the ponte was it ended up not being necessary.
Like the skirt it was machine sewn with the decorative back stitching done by hand. Stupidly from within the cape before I closed it up, as I forgot to do it before sewing the sides together. Luckily it was roomy enough it wasn't that big a deal. The buttons are purely decorative and the cape actually closes with a skirt hook since I now have a whole package of them.

Buttons-I couldn't find buttons large enough to be proportional so I ended up making some by gluing some trimmed embroidery circles to the biggest flat shank buttons I could find. I then sewed a large circle of that gold vinyl over it to get the look and match the rest of my gold details. They were a little harder to sew on than a normal button would've been but overall were fairly simple to make and add.

Diamonds-not sure what else to call these. I made them out of cardboard and Model Magic, then switched to modeling clay for the ones on the boots as I had to remake them the day before and Model Magic wouldn't dry in time. I painted them all to match and glued pin backs to them to attach them to my cape and boots. The cape ones held just fine all day, but the ones on the back of my boots had issues and one was lost pretty early in the day. I did try gluing them to my boots but because they're on flex points they wouldn't stay. I need to find a more permanent option for the future.

Boots-the boots are built over some heels I found at a thrift store. They were originally both open-toed and open-sided which I would normally avoid but they were so comfortable compared to how I normally feel in heels I decided to go with them.
I covered the toes and sides with craft foam and then built the boot covers around that. I also modified the heels slightly with craft foam to improve the shape as well. I originally wanted to have a single seam in the back but couldn't figure out how to draft that in time. And since there's some sort of decorative seam down the front anyway I ended up just doing the usual two-seam covers. If anything I should have tried to have the single seam in the front.
The fabric is Yaya Han's matte vinyl which I loved the look of; I wanted something with stretch but smooth, but without that aggressive shine most vinyl has. It was pricey but I think worth it in the end. The heels I covered with more of the utility vinyl. The boots were again a matter of fitting and re-fitting, and though I put zippers in the back I honestly can't zip them up over my legs (at least by myself) so I have to pull them on but it works.
I do wish I'd had more time to make the pattern around the foot better but I was only a few days from the con when I finished them. I do need to figure out a way to keep them up as both fashion tape and sock glue didn't work for more than a few minutes. I'm thinking I may honestly have to find a functional garter belt for them.
I wore white tights from We Love Colors underneath so I didn't have vinyl right on my skin, and it helped the look if they fell down or I took them off (which I did right after the group shoot as my feet were killing me).

Glasses-I picked these up from Zenni, they were the closest match I could find without finding some other pair and painting them. I needed new glasses anyway so I actually ordered them as prescription and now where them daily!


I agonized about makeup a lot more than I normally do for Wicke. I really wanted something pink and cute, definitely going for "kawaii" in an unironic sense. But I also didn't want to look like I was just trying to seduce everyone or look like a 15-year-old. I ended up getting a CC cream (which I've never used before but is actually amazing?) and a box from Julep that had pretty much the exact look I wanted. I passed on eyeliner as I felt it would look too dark and heavy for her (at least the way I apply it since I'm bad at it) but used everything else in it. Used mascara primer for the first time and it seems to work well, as well as a blush "stick" Julep created.


I did pick up a few props since I like having something to pose with. I grabbed a pink clipboard at Daiso and had some paper and a pen; I sketched some UB's and fake data on it while waiting for my private shoot. I promptly lost it after said shoot but at least since it was from Daiso it was only a couple bucks.

I also made some malasadas as my work was really dead at the time and it was something easy I could knock out at work since whenever I was home I had to focus on bigger parts of the project. I splattered some white paint over them to look like powdered sugar. Sadly didn't find any Haus to pose them with!


All in all I spent months working on this cosplay and I actually was avoiding it for a while, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'll need to fix some things up before I wear it again and the boots need some repair after the gold heels started peeling off, but I think all the time I put into her really paid off. I don't think I'll want to do anything quite so pattern-intensive any time soon though!


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