Science Officer

Star Trek: The Original Series



I have been a huge Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember. When I found out about ANOVOS' amazing uniforms, I knew I needed to get one by 2016 (aka the 50th anniversary of the series). I wanted to slowly add appropriate ranking as my education and career evolved, but I had to order it with the Commander rank. At least it'll be accurate when I'm done with school. It fits amazingly and makes me look so good.

I made the equipment belt after finding out details over at the 1701st. It's simply a length of 2" wide Velcro. I glued some of the hook side to the back of my Diamond Select communicator so it will stay. The science tricorder is also Diamond Select.

I've got Bucco Amandine Tall Knee High Boots. They are basically flats, but finding a good pair of boots with the right heel is not easy. They're the right height and they fit very well. That is the more important part to me.


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Series Star Trek: The Original Series
Character Science Officer


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