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Where to begin with this cosplay where to begin... man, so much. Well, after seeing the Fantasia episode that Studio Deen did last year (I guess as their one last goodbye episode before the new artits took over?) I fell in love with Italy's Fantasia design. I'd seen it before but never paid much attention to it, but after seeing the episode, I just couldn't get over how cute he looked and the idea of cosplaying this version of him wouldn't leave me alone.

Soooo, I gave in and did it. Funnily enough, my dad kind of made the decision for me though. I mentioned to him potentially having a sword to make, and one day he came home from work, handed me a plank of balsa wood and told me to sketch the shape of the blade. Being the wood work person in the house, he's always awesome and helps me with props like this. And this time he kind of gave me the last push to officially decide to do this version.

Neither of us had ever made a sword before, but it was the first piece we got to work on. I worked off of a fanart actually for the design of the handle and scabbard. Or at least... I intended to. We ran out of time, we really ran out of time. My health has been very wonky for the past 6 months or, so I spent a lot of time feeling miserable instead of working on stuff like I should've. OTL

Nonetheless, my dad actually bought a small basic lathe so I could carve the handle, and then we ended up staining it. The blade is just balsa wood covered in modeling paste, sanded A THOUSAND FLIPPING TIMES, ugh, and spray painted with a silver paint that I really like the look of. And the sheath/scabbard is also balsa wood, covered in a fake leather. Didn't have any time to get a chape for the bottom, or do any of the details in the fanart, so just did the best I could with leather alone. It is not an impressive prop by any means, but being the first sword we'd ever made, I think it sufficed.

Everything else for the cosplay also was finished last minute pretty much... which isn't all that unusual I guess, but after not feeling well for so long, I can't help but remember how much work I should've but didn't put into this cosplay because I just didn't feel up to it... -sigh-

The jacket is suede...-ish material lined with cotton, pants are cotton, shirt is cotton... and boots are boots, wig is wig, and actually I made the backpack out of off-white denim. It's kind of sad how much I enjoyed making that bag... and I would almost say that it's my favorite piece of the entire cosplay, but it turns out I made the straps a tad too short (and not adjustable because I ran out of time), so it ended up making my back hurt when I wore the cosplay. ^^; Nonetheless, I still like it. And loved the pattern I used for it. Would totally use it again. In fact, I actually ended up really digging my bright green pants and my boots were so wonderfully fun and comfortable. (Cosplay shoes that are comfortable? -gasp- )

I had wanted to make this cosplay so, well... well done. Like I want with all of my costumes. OTL But time and my health wasn't really on my side sadly. School took up its share of time as well. I feel bad using my case of hives as an excuse for not doing better work on this, but... they're just very unpleasant and kind of kill your mood and energy sadly...

Still, being him in this outfit was fun. Not a ton of recognition, which I've come to expect with doing Hetalia, particularly unusual designs/outfits, but it was fun nonetheless. ^^ I'm not sure how much I'd be able to fix this up if I were to wear it again... which I kind of intend to in another month or so, but we'll see. I actually can't think of anything in particular I might change.... I'm afraid my dampened mood with this cosplay is just because I wasn't feeling up to being the bright and cheery person that Feliciano is. But god knows I'll try to do better for Kinghtrokon in June. ^^

TL;DR My descriptions are always too looooooong. Sorry.


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