Booker DeWitt

Bioshock Infinite



I decided to cosplay Booker DeWitt on a whim, actually.
After seeing a TV trailer for the game, I just thought "Hmm...this commercial has caught my attention. I think I'll play that game now." And upon playing it, I really started to like Booker's character and ultimately decided to put together a cosplay of him. Huzzah!


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Series Bioshock Infinite
Character Booker DeWitt


Tabatha Zee Nice job!

iamthesnowman I just posted a thread about the vest. I have no idea what color and fabric to use. Where did you get the patten? What fabric and color is that? How about the gun? Sorry if it's too many questions. I just think you did a great job and was hoping I could find some advice on this site. PS- LOL at BOOKER I FOUND MONEY!!!!!! <(O-O)>

Gummibar Pretty cool! The resemblance is pretty solid . The props are pretty cool as well. :)

prince_izumi OMG This is so nice and also...*coughs* Booker I found money...(>o_o)> Booker I found Money..<(0_0<) BOOKER I FOUND MONEY!!!!!! <(O-O)>