Original concept. I love opalite, and the random thought "what if I covered an entire dress front with opalite?" was the inspiration for this costume.

Horns and spine are Worbla, and the dress is completely hand-beaded and has hand-draped and hand-stitched pleat detail on hips and shoulders.


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Series Original
Character Moondragon


Arokh Fithos I never thought, that there could be a more original costume than my own, even in its finishing state. But I am glad I was wrong. Your costume, has now inspired me to finish my own. Congratulations on your award. You have earned it by far.

MadScientist Magnificent!

LadyCrankypants This costume is AMAZING! I absolutely love the wings, and everything just works together so perfectly - beautiful work, so inspiring :)

neo_shadow_bat Holy Crap! I have been inspired! Thank you for posting your tutorial on how you make your horns, mask. and spine!

Seifer-sama This costume is absolutely gorgeous. :) Great work!!