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I have been a huge fan of Star Trek The Next Generation since I was a kid but when I saw the latest Star Trek movie in 2009 I fell madly in love with all the characters and began watching the original series and fell madly in love with that one! So when my friend wanted to do a cool retro cosplay together I suggested we do a time warp Uhura thing!

The Dress: That was brought from Amazon.com! I could not find a fabric that had the insignia all over it so my only option was to buy it pre-made. :( If I ever run across it I will definitely hand-sew the dress next time! I did make some alternations to this dress though! I had to take it in because it fit like a trash bag and it was a smaaaaaaall! D:

Earrings and Communicator: I sculpted and made them myself! :)


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Series Star Trek
Character Uhura


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