Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Eh. I started working on it right before a cruise, so that on the way there or whenever I get bored, I could start sewing the gold on the edges. I'm hoping to finish this within a week so that I can start on the next version of Sakura. XD

Edit 7/6/12:
It's this version:
The day I left for AX I started to put it together. Earlier in the week I started painting whenever I'd get frustrated with the beading on my Odette bodice. So I finished whatever was necessary at 7am the morning I wore it.
I've never worn a half-finished costume to a con....but I'm hoping to make more coins and put all the rest of the pieces of fabric on there for my next con.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura
Variant Volume 24


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