Breath of Fire II



This costume has a long story. Me and my friend were decided to try the brazilian WCS once again, since we got third place last year with Odin Sphere. We spent a lot of time trying to decide wich game we would cosplay for WCS and after a few months we decided on using Breath of Fire II.

We do love this game, my partner's favorite character is Nina and mine is Bleu (or Deis) but unfortunately the two wouldn't give us much to work with for a stage production. That said I decided to let Bleu for another time and cosplay Mina, Nina's younger sister and the one who sacrifices herself in Nina's place. It's such a beautifull scene and we tried to make it touching and beautiful as well.

We had a lot of work regarding our costumes. The wings required a lot of time and effort. We did all the little pink details in my wing as you can see in her artwork and tried to give Nina's wing the right shade of dark purple. We started our wings a month ahead of our deadline, but all the rest we had to do only in a week time.

The wigs were styled by us, with a help from our dear friend Danielle. The gloves had to be painted for me to get the right light purple tone. I did all the golden details, as well as the gems and the desing of the transformed Mina. Our clothes were sewn by our seamstress and she did a great job at it.

We had trouble in making the two characters seem different only by looking at them, since Mina is all nice and soft and Nina is a mature strong woman. We did that enhancing the difference between us, since I have clear wings, and light colored clothes Nina had her clothes a little darker to make the contrast work.

In the end all the hardwork was worth it, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

If you want, you can see our skit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y39pAyIMxwI


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fly_aguilera nice work!