Ringo Oginome

Mawaru Penguindrum

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When I started watching this series, I thought that Ringo was pretty wackadoodle, but then as she changed, I grew to love her a lot. ♥

Made the skirt, top, and tie myself. Black turtleneck is store bought. Finding a green fabric for the skirt in the right shade was hard, so I ended up with some cotton and then interfaced it so that it was the correct stiffness. I wanted to make the top light since I'm wearing a turtleneck underneath. So I French seamed it instead of lining it. Pink stripes are bias tape I made myself so that it would match the tie. Inside crease of all the bias tape is machine stitched, and then I folded over and hand stitched the other side. While I've made plenty of strange uniform collars before, this was my first time getting to make a sailor collar! :)

For the diary, I took a blank journal I had and made a book cover by making a vector from screencaps and printing it out. The cover slides off if I want to use the journal for something else.

Fluffed the wig out with hairspray and the hairdryer.


@Mirai Noah
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Series Mawaru Penguindrum
Character Ringo Oginome
Variant School Uniform


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