Gamzee Makara




I originally never planned to cosplay Gamzee when I first started reading Homestuck.

After he went totally insane, I totally changed my mind.

I did the shirts and pants myself, without stencils. The shoes I chose were my rainbow splattered converse. For my wig, I actually just put my Karkat wig on backwards and it seemed to work out pretty well. The horns are hand-molded by me out of Model Magic and hand-painted by me as well. They're attached via the typical headband, though said headband is hidden underneath my wig.

The make-up was a mix of creme-based white and light grey, mixed with dark grey eyeshadow. The scratches were done using Mehron's purple water-based face paint.

I bought the juggling clubs since I used to juggle, and I painted over them. The yellow has splatters for Gamzee's subjuggulation of other trolls.

All in all, this was a pretty fun cosplay. I did it around my campus at night, and it freaked a few people out. I'm hoping to get more pictures soon


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Series Homestuck
Character Gamzee Makara
Variant Sober


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