Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magc



If there was one pony I thought I would never be, it was Rainbow Dash. But a group of friends wanted to cosplay the Mane 6, and I was chosen to be Dash.

This was mostly a closet cosplay. I already owned the shirts and short. The jacket was a lucky thrift store find. The shoes were another thrift store find that I painted blue. The socks were from Fred Meyers, and the wig was from Wig Supplier.

I made the wings from craft foam and Pinkie helped pin them to my back. The ears were made from felt via Artumemoon's helpful tutorial. I have yet to make a cutie mark.

Surprisingly, I greatly enjoyed cosplaying Dash. We have a lot more in common that I initially expected. I plan to cosplay many more versions of her.


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Series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magc
Character Rainbow Dash
Variant Original Design Gijinka


Narnian Thank you guys! ^_^

KitoCosplay Awesome cosplay! I've got an original MLP:FIM character cosplay in the works

LinkPwnsGanon I love the wig! :3