One of my favourite costumes, I made this for J-popcon in Copenhagen. I didn't enter the contest or anything, I just liked wearing it ^^
It took quite a while to finish it, and I had some help from my mother (it was quite some years ago).
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the finished costume, though I hope to get a nice photoshoot when the weather outside is for it.
It is made up of a white under dress, which is made of one big, square piece of fabric that I put elastics in around the waist and the top. On top is the pink dress, which was losely based on a pattern for a jacket with a LOT of modification. There is around 35 buttons, all hand-stiched onto it (that part took forever). Underneath it all is a huge petticoat that I bought for hardly any money at a 2nd hand store. The ears and hair-clips are made of craft foam, and the hair is a self-made half-wig combined with self-grown hair XD


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