NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams



Materials: Matte spandex (both fabric pieces needed to be dyed to match the color desired), stretch vinyl, cotton jersey, cotton sateen, fleece, felt, polyfill, interfacing, resin gems (self made), craft foam, plastic canvas, headliner foam, rubber, and more thread then one can count.
Time: Approx. 90 hours.
Unique Features: With the exception of weaving the fabric myself, everything seen on the costume was made by me. This includes the jester’s hat, the gloves, the boots, and the plushie/purse accessory.
Character: I chose this character because of the technical challenge it provided me, and the strong ties I have to the game from which it oriented. I have never made a hat like that before, nor tailored vinyl in such a fashion. Not to mention making my own boots.
End Result: Happy that the nightmare is over. I really don’t want to make a “good-guy” character for a while. It always leads to trouble.

If anyone would like to know construction details, feel free to contact me!


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Series NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Character NiGHTS


LadyCrankypants Beautiful work! What a fantastic NiGHTS :) The costume looks great, awesome attention to detail, and what a fantastic setting for the photoshoot! Really brings the character to life :)

angelbabycakes *gasp!* How awesome are you!? This is really great, kudos!

HezaChan This is just awesome!!

Rinoa07 you look AWESOME!