Waver Velvet




Fate/Zero is a great show and Waver is a funny character. Aside from being a whiny baby I can somehow identify with him (especially after episode 13) and so chose to cosplay him. :3

A pretty easy costume as I could buy everything this time (pants, tie and sweater). I only added the yellow stripes to the tie and painted stripes on the pants. A nice change not having to sew anything for once. I only cut up the wig rather badly this time. &gt;_<

It's really fun to be Waver, but unfortunately... all in all I don't quite think the cosplay fits me. :/ I look a bit like a plump kid with a weird haircut (really, that hairstyle is sooo unflattering in rl).

Still, thanks to my friend for taking photos of me late at night in an almost empty library a few days before christmas. xD (Imagine my surprise when a few days after the shoot episode 13 came out where Waver is in a library reading books about Alexander the Great exactly like I did, d'ohoho.)


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Character Waver Velvet


&#26376;&#28023;&#30005;&#27874; You are really awesome!!

wanderingdreamr Great setting for the shoot, I think it's perfect that you were already using books on Alexander the Great as props. XD