Len Kagamine-- Synchronicity version




The amount of handwork going into this is making my brain hurt. FINALLY COMPLETED AFTER THREE+ YEARS.

Shirt-- white jersey knit.

Belt-- plain black obi of unknown provenance.

Pants-- white jeans, the same ones that I use for Attack on Titan

Jacket-- black canvas, fur trim, yellow blanket binding.

Gloves-- black jersey knit, yellow elastic. I didn't have a proper pattern, but I did have the glove I made for my Allen Walker cosplay to use as a base. They actually came together pretty quickly.

Sword-- 33 inch dowel, cardboard, hot glue, modpodge, craftfoam, spraypaint, plus some ugly beads I found to use for the shape of the pommel. The swordbelt is blanket binding with a core of heavy interfacing, sewn together entirely by hand. The scabbard is cardboard angle stock held together with tape and painted with spray enamel.

I used Friendly Plastic for the necklaces, and heavy round elastic cord for the armbands (which I then forgot to pack for the shoot).

Rin made her own stuff apart from the necklace, and I helped her with the wig.


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Character Len Kagamine-- Synchronicity version


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