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I decided to make the bound outfit that Alucard is wearing when Integra first meets him when she's a child. I had really wanted to try doing it for years, and then finally I got the chance to when my wife agreed to be Integra.

The entire outfit is made with leather, fully lined inside so that the underside would not be rubbing against my skin. All of the straps were made from scratch, and have to be secured by my wife so that I can't move my arms. It's a challenge to go 6 hours without moving your arms. Believe me, you're happy to move them afterwards.

The boots are the same pair that I use for when I decided to do drag for Halloween as a joke. They worked perfectly. They certainly add about another three inches to my already very tall height (6'5").

The wig was ordered from eBay, and luckily didn't require styling, but it does require heavy amounts of detangling.

When it comes to makeup, looking dehydrated like a corpse is a challenge. I have to ue latex and face powder to get the look I want if I'm doing before he's revived. But for the first convention I wore him to, I simply just had a couple splashes of fake blood on my cheek. ((Though for the zombie walk, I did the corpse makeup))


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