Akahime as Female Protagonist

Female Protagonist

Persona 3

Cosplayer: Akahime
This costume didn't take me too long. I already had the white blouse and the skirt was easy to make since it wasn't exactly my first skirt to make. The jacket/blazer put of the costume, the school badge, and the gun holster worried me the most.

At first I wasn't going to make the badge or the gun holster, but my little brother convinced me so. I guess it wouldn't hurt to make them at all. Ahaha. And thus I did. Making a 'perfect' circle concerned me since I not awesome at cutting circles, at all. But by accidentally, I was able to cut a pretty good circle, so using that first one I cut; I based everything else on it and was able to make the whole badge. Good thing my mother had some random fabrics hanging around and I had some of my own to finish the badge.

As for the school jacket, I used my own sweater/jacket thingy as a pattern since I knew that one fit me. And completely adjusted from there as well. When I was making the jacket, I realized that I wouldn't be able to put this on without zippers. And so I bought invisible zippers and sewn it onto the side in the front. The skirt too had an invisible zipper as well.

Update: I remade the bow to have a better look to it and better shape. :)