Kaien Cross

Vampire Knight



My first debut of cross was in a vneck white sewater, purple turtleneck and a green blanket someone helped me make. the glasses .... I searched for the perfect pair for months before settling. I had borrowed a gray trencoat and wore an old scarf of mine that looked like his and use loafers I had searched everywhere for. Though the costumes were a success. I was not satisfied. After anime Iowa I revamped him. Spent hours on the internet trying to find the perfect sweater. FInally after weeks and hours and almost 300 dollars later I got the perfect sweater that even Sagakure commented on.

I then made my own coal black pants like his, and found the perfect pair of fuzzy white slippers.

My first debut of his revamp was at kawa con, and it was there I brought out a third cosplay of him- Ballroom Kaien.

Ballroom Kaien was alot of stress and worry and work but he turned out okay. Not quite matched my expectations but I was satisfied. the coat was made out of good fabric I hunted out with a freind.

Kaien's coat was my first true cosplay lesson. As I learned how to take a pattern and revamp it to anime needs. My friend walked me though on how to cut out a pattern and how to stitch the pieces together effectively. He was incredible and I learned alot from him. His name's Sparky if you ever want to look him up.

at Kawa I sadly lost Kaien's slippers and had to find new ones. Settled for some cheap ones but on the hunt for the perfect pair once more.

I have yet to debut ball Kaien again but how I yearn to do that once again.


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