Fairy Mary

Tinker Bell



More feisty female Disney characters!

First things first - I did not make the wig. It was commissioned by my wonderful friend Hee-Hee who has a talent for these things.

Secondly, my wings were made by another friend, however in the first wear at a convention, the wind tore them apart so I have some fixing that needs to be done. ;n;

What I did make, was the rest of the costume. The top was 4 pieces I patterned out to look like leaves. The bottoms are knit pants I altered. Both were then airbrushed with leaf designs to match Fairy Mary.

My shoes were covered with leftover fabric I had form the top. I like to think of this as my first shoe covering (not counting that weird thing I made for Mokey Mokey King!)


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Series Tinker Bell
Character Fairy Mary


ametheneko Ohmigawsh. Your Fairy Mary wonderfully adorable! It made me smile so huge! Thank you for brightening my day! Beautiful job!