Terra Branford

Dissidia: Final Fantasy



I love terra! And she is just so under cosplayed! I loved doing Amano FF6 version, and i am currently working on ff6 normal and esper form. So i thought i would cosplay her dissidia version to. Her dissidia version was pretty simple however it took a lot of time and the waist sashes were doing what i wanted them to do, so i will again get better pictures of this costume when i have time.

Hair - Hair is my own natural hair, it was nice to use my own hair for the cosplay, and was easy to style =].

Cape - Cape was simple enough to make, i got some white cotton, took the measurments of my back and cut it, then half of it was put into dark purple dylon dye, and then the other half in the sunflower yellow dylon dye.

Dress was tricky as i have a small waist but big bust o.0, dress was made to my size, then taken in at the wait area for the fitted affect. Detailing was done with dylon fabric paint, which was mixed with the shade of white otherwise they turned out to dark on the dress XD! The gold trim at the bottom was done via just hand stitching as it was to delicate to stitch with a machine.

Armwarmers - Were made with a stretchy polyester fabric, Made to my arm length, cut and then again hand stitched, They were then paointed the same way as i did the dress.

Tights - The tights were just a white pai i bought, which were then just coloured in with felt tip, i ended up wth the flower pattern all across my legs, and do not wear them in the rain @@ XD!

Boots - Boots were bought, then for the top red bit, i used craft foam, glued them to the shoe and then painted them the same colour as the boot and added the gold trim. The flowers and gold design were painted the same way, Need to find a better gold that does not chip though.

Sashes (Pink one) - The pink sash was made via cutting a piece of fabric out, then cutting the diamonds out and fabric glueing them onto the sash, my advice to you is use pink stretchy fabric, it will give you a better fit as mine was not stretchy fabric at all.

Sash (Purple one) - The purple one was made the same way as the base pink one, The white stripes were cut out of a white fabric and then stitched onto the purple sash, again my adive is get stretchy fabric other they won't fit very nicely.

Hair clip - Terra has a purple cross like hair band in her hair, all i did was get craft foam, cover both pieces in purple fabric and then stick them together, and then stich onto a hair band =].


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Terra Branford
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